Why Fusion?

It could change everything.

Illustration: Why Fusion?
Illustration by Ana Kova for U.S. Fusion Outreach

Fusion is widely considered to be the ultimate energy source because of its potential to create virtually limitless energy. The technology has extensive advantages; chief among them, it is powerful, safe, and plentiful.

abstract illustration


Fusion releases nearly four million times more energy than equal amounts of oil, gas, or coal, and four times more energy than traditional nuclear power. Capable of operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a fusion power plant would complement renewable energy sources while meeting the growing global need for energy.

Amid increasing demand and limited land area, fusion will deliver clean energy to more people while taking up less space than other power sources.

abstract illustration: safe


Fusion is inherently safe because it only occurs under precise conditions. In other words, no precise conditions, no fusion reactions.

When those reactions do occur, they produce no carbon emissions. Fusion will not pollute our air or lungs, making it an ideal baseload power in a decarbonized world. Unlike all other sources, the typical byproduct of fusion energy is harmless helium.

abstract illustration: plentiful


The fuel for a fusion power plant can easily be extracted from seawater. A bathtub of water and two laptop batteries contain enough fuel for an individual’s entire lifetime.

Because fusion creates so much energy and can operate anywhere in the world using readily available fuel, it has the potential to power the world cleanly and equitably, indefinitely.