Fusion Week K-12 Resources (Virtual)

May 6–10, 2024
Various Locations
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Various Locations


Princeton, NJ
United States

The Fusion Energy Week team has put together a set of resources for K-12 education in plasma physics. These resources are free to use, so please download and distribute anything you'd like! Questions can be directed at the Fusion Energy Week team.

An Introduction to Fusion Slide Deck can be found on our resources page here.

Printable handouts with information about Fusion Energy week can be found here.

Fusion Energy Week Trading Cards are available for purchase here.

Introductory videos describing fusion:

Fusion Focused Activities:

  • The Tokamak (Augment Reality App Lesson) - This lesson allows students to breakdown a nuclear fusion reaction into smaller components and better understand how nuclear fusion creates energy - all while using a really cool augmented reality app. It is like Pokemon Go for fusion.
  • Fusion Career Profiles Matching Tool - This tool can be used for any level. It matches students to relevant fusion energy/plasma scientists’ profiles based on their interests and values. They can then research, create their own profiles, and discuss with the class. Encourage your students to take this interactive Career Matching Survey to see what fusion energy/plasma science careers fit them best.

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Fusion Energy Week: May 6-10, 2024