Fusion Relaxation and Donuts

May 7, 2024 | 1–3pm
William and Mary
Illustration of Dr. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
Illustration by Thumỹ Phan for U.S. Fusion Outreach


William and Mary


William and Mary
Swem Library, Lobby
400 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States

During Finals at W&M (May 6-10), the plasma and fusion group will host 2 relaxation events focused on fusion week at the W&M library, with free donuts, button making, zines and crocheting our own star blanket by allowing people to make their own granny squares! While we relax we can talk more about Cecilia, fusion, plasma, energy for the 21st century and women in physics in general.

More info is available here: https://events.wm.edu/event/view/libraries/357717

A Fusion Energy Week Event

Fusion Energy Week: May 6-10, 2024